What is FairMarket?

Fairmarket is FairCoop's online market, where you can find all the products and services that are offered by its members.

It works under the concept of an "open cooperative": that is to say, everyone can easily become a member of FairCoop. As a seller, simply by using this tool, building your e-shop and providing your goods and services, you can take part in the process and therefore participate as a member of it.

Fairmarket is a key project in the new global economic ecosystem we want to build.

  • On one hand, it aims to become a market tool to increase visibility and distribute goods and services produced by FairCoop members, while also helping to create networks with other projects and individuals in tune with alternative markets, ethical finances, social currencies, collective actions, social inclusion, and fair trade.

  • On the other hand, it is committed to the use of Faircoin as a cryptocurrency for the direct purchases of goods and services that will help to increase freedom in economic networking and will help in the construction of alternatives for a more equitable economy.

In this way, FairMarket can't be a business-as-usual trade platform. Its main difference is it promotes an economy based on demand, not supply. This is possible through the self-organization of user demand that we will be facilitating with the values and tools that will be brought to market.

In the not too distant future, FairMarket will also introduce FairCredit alongside Faircoin allowing mutual credit between members, which will help to generate sustainable relationships amongst all the FairCoop participants.

FairMarket will be launched in three phases. During the alpha, the platform was set up and tested for bugs. It did not include checkout but allowed people to start uploading products, making contacts and get started with the platform. Now, we are entering Beta. The market opens for trading and you can buy and sell things with Faircoin. Distribution (shipping) must be agreed between parties, and many other features are still lacking, but we now have a functioning platform.

The third phase will be the fully productive one, when FairCoop will present the post-capitalist world with a fully-featured marketplace to build the networked economy that we all deserve.

To get started, we need to build a strong community and you can get involved by joining us or participating in our forum to help build it together!