Tantalite /Coltan

Tantalite /Coltan

317.80 per pound / 157.90 per kg

Tantalite is a rare, shiny, gray, dense metal. It is highly flexible and can even be made into a thin wire. Tantalite is highly resistant to corrosion, has an extremely high melting point, and is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. In its pure form, it can be drawn into a fine wire.
Tantalum is nearly immune to chemical attacks at temperatures below 302 F (150 C). In fact, tantalite has a melting point exceeded only by two other elements in the world!

Uses of Tantalite
Most commonly known is its use in the electronics industry for capacitors and high power resistors (such as cell phones) , tantalite is used in a variety of alloys to add high strength, ductility and a high melting point.
When drawn into a fine wire, it’s used as a filament for evaporating metals such as aluminum.

Tantalite has proven useful in making surgical steel, as it’s non-reactive and non-irritating tobody tissues.

Tantalite is also used in glass to increase the index of refraction for items such as camera lenses.

Sources of Tantalite
Tantalum occurs naturally in the mineral columbite-tantalite (tantalite/colton). It’s mainly mined in Nigeria, as well as Australia, Brazil, Mozambique, Thailand, Portugal, Zaire and Canada.

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Responsibly Mined and Sourced
At Naturalike, we source all of our tantalite directly from the finest sources in Nigeria. We
procure all of our tantalite/colton with the highest standards of ethics in mind. Additionally, we partner with only reputable sources who mine responsibly and to the highest standards of
international law.

Tantalite /Coltan

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