Kefir Lemonade Fairment

Selfmade Kerfir Lemonade

water, sugar, dried dates / blueberries / figs / blackberry juice, lemon, verveine

Kefir is a lively organism consisting of various yeasts and bacteria. It feeds on sugar and dried fruits which we put into water and let it ferment. After transforming most of the sugar during 48hours, the Kefir-cultures have produced a sparkling and refreshing drink tasting a bit sourish and slighly herby, depending on which aromas have been assimilated from the fresh herbs we've put in. Theoretically, Fairment contains some slight amount of alcohol at the end, which is about 1,5 % vol.alc.max, somehow what a ripe banana Fairments enhance bio-availability of essential vitamines and minerals and helps developing as well as maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiota.
Good for us :)

Kefir Lemonade Fairment

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