Idrolati erbe officinali

Idrolati of the following herbal medicinal products for distillation in an antique alembic copper:
* Lavender water: property cleansing and purifying
* Hydrolat of Laurel: property sudorifere, deodorants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Used after the bath/shower as a tonic and muscular psyche
* Distillation of Helichrysum italicum: properties, decongestants and anti-inflammatory properties
* Hydrolat of Nepetella: used as an aftershave for the scent and menthol

External use/topically (do not ingest)

Packing, 200 ml: 6 €

Available in pack of 1 litre (for the production of natural soaps in place of water) at a price of 20 euro

Shipping with courier national/ international. Please contact us before ordering for an estimate of shipping costs.

Idrolati erbe officinali

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