Electric Vehicle

Petrol provokes :
- War in the middle east
- Tornadoes in the Caribbeans.
- Oil spills in Saronikos

Move with no guilt, with an economic and ecologic electric car.
Capacity 700kg = 4 passengers with luggage OR 1 passenger + 2210x1145x1129mm (4.6m3)

1,1FC + 0,6FC/km + 0,1FC/min
Airport 26,2FC
8 hours / 100 km = 89FC
Load without passengers to Thessaloniki / Pieria / Imathia / Pella / Miravtsi / Kilkis / Kulata / Serres / Halkidiki (next day delivery) = 170FC
20% discount if you have a listing of your own.
To validate the first appointment, you have to pre-pay the minimum fare of 3FC at faircoin:fPQxd7MtdMnDmru8Qq2W5KunxQzWpd6yD9?amount=3 I do this to protect myself from scam. It will be deduce from the final fare.

Apart of FairCoin, I also accept the 4 main cryptocurrencies. I accept no Euros.
Communication through Telegram https://t.me/Nico_EV or LibreSignal.

Electric Vehicle

3.00 FAIR 3.00 FAIR 3.0

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