Open Collective Purchases

Order # Supplier Deadline Date Delivery City Minimun quantity by single sale order Funded at the moment Notes
Heraklion (GR) -to- Milan (IT) Integral Cooperative of Heraklion 2018-07-31 Milan 0.0 0.00 FAIR

NOTE! This is a **TEST** not an operational collective purchase still, but probably soon will be activated for real. Collective purchase of selected ecological agricultural products from the Integral Cooperative of Heraklion - Virgin Olive Oil - Organic Raisins - Cretan Mustard - Cretan Herbs - Sea Salt

Café Justicia 10kg fairtradenotforsale 2017-09-10 10.0 0.00 FAIR

Café Justicia 50kg fairtradenotforsale 2017-09-10 50.0 0.00 FAIR

Café Justicia 100kg fairtradenotforsale 2017-09-10 100.0 0.00 FAIR

Café Justicia fairtradenotforsale 2017-09-10 10.0 0.00 FAIR

Café Justicia is an organic “fair trade plus” coffee produced in Guatemala. It is grown by Mayan communities in the hillsides above Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, with emphasis on principles such as fairness, solidarity, cooperation between consumer and producers. You can find out more about Café Justicia here: The purchase of Café Justicia is part of the Campaign Fair Trade is not For Sale. This campaign supports fair trade coffee initiatives in Greece, in response to austerity measures in the context of the Troika memorandum for Greece in 2017. A tax has been added for the imported coffee of 2 euro per kg of grain (unroasted) coffee and 3 euro per kg of roasted coffee. You can find more about this campaign here: Your purchase of Café Justicia makes it possible for the needed quantity to arrive from Guatemala at european ground, and later to be distributed one part of these, to the greek initiatives. At the same time, this Café Justicia collective order will make possible to count with a fair trade coffee distribution which will be traded in faircoin, all over europe, becoming a first step for creating a fair trade chain, based in the digital currency of the fair economy!

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