Fairpay Card

Get your fairpay card by free charging it with 20 euros.

The first thing to participate in Fairpay, is to acquire a card. You can get one simply by ordering it at Fairmarket and charging it with, at least, 20 euros this first time. This way, You will receive it at home with the amount charged and no shipping costs. This minimal of 20 eur, only works in regions with a Faircoop local node.

This order is for this cases that works right now in Catalonia, Madrid, Galiza, Euskalherria, Pais Valencia, Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki, Jura region, Berna, Ubatuba-Sao Paolo, Córdoba, Guatemala, Quintana Roo, Porto, Vancouver.

If you aren’t from one of this territories, you should choose the order with the minimal of 50 eur.

To get more information about fairpay, read on http://fairtoearth.com/
or contact in fairpay@fair.coop
Also you can look at the places accepting faircoin and fairpay here: http://use.fair-coin.org/

Fairpay Card

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