Faircoin loans for fairmarket merchants

If you have a shop ready in Fairmarket and still have not enough faircoins, or are pending to be able to change from euros, I offer you to loan the faircoin you need for buying what you are interested in.

- This offer is only for fairmarket user who setup a ready shop there.
- The products and services of the shop will be reviewed to confirm that are useful for the users, and are close to FairCoop principles.
- The merchants should be registered also in use.fair-coin.org
- Faircoin loans are without any interest. You will pay same amount of faircoin you receive.
- The payment is flexilble you can pay all when you can, you can chose to pay in some times, etc...
- If you are not able to pay after some months, we can look together in alternatives like pay with the services or goods you provide.

- You make an order in my services, and write me, which products or services are you interested in buying.
- Then, I answer, make some questions if are needed, and accept your petition if all is ok
- If the product needs to be paid on the checkout we organize the timeline, so when both are online, you notice me, and I pay for you.
- If is a service that is paid after the checkout, I make the payment when is agreed to make the payment.
I that sense I also can collaborate as a escrow

Join Fairmarket, Setup your shop, Buy what you need, pay when you can

Faircoin loans for fairmarket merchants

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the faircoin you need for buying what you are interested in

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