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Raw Cacao Beans

Did you know that the ancient Aztecs used cocoa beans as a form of currency? The beans harvested from the Cocoa tree are called Cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are the seeds from the cocoa tree’s pods. Cocoa trees produce orange fruit called pods the size of a small pumpkin. If you open the pod from the cocoa tree, you will find little beans inside, sometimes as many as fifty. At first, the cocoa beans appear a milky white color. As they ripen, they turn a dark brown.

Health Benefits of Cacao Beans

The cocoa bean is loaded with antioxidants, such as flavonoids and procyanidins, which contain anti-aging properties and promote healthy skin. They also contain a high concentration of epicatechin, which promotes brain and cardiovascular health.

Cocoa beans are packed with various health benefits and have been shown to provide relief from constipation, lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, lower high blood pressure, and battle chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cocoa beans provide a rich source of:

● Copper (relief for rheumatoid arthritis)

● Magnesium (supports vascular and respiratory health)

● Calcium (prevents colon cancer, osteoporosis and migraines)

● Zinc (promotes bone health and healthy skin)

● Fiber (promotes digestive health)

● Vitamin B-2

● Iron

● Phosphorus

● Protein

● Carbohydrates

● Amino Acids (Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Valine, Histidine)

Uses of Cocoa Beans

● Culinary Uses: ​The powder form of the cocoa bean is used in fudge, cookies, muffins, cake and ice creams. Cocoa beans are also one of the main ingredients in chocolate!

● Cocoa Powder: ​Cocoa beans can be ground into cocoa powder and used to flavor sweet dishes or coffee.

● Cocoa Butter: ​Cocoa butter is great for the skin and hair. When used regularly, cocoa butter promotes hydration, elasticity and density of skin.

● Tasty Topping: ​Enjoy as a healthy snack on their own or as a subtle (yet flavorful) topping.

Naturalike Cocoa Beans

At Naturalike, we source all of our cocoa beans directly from the finest farms in Nigeria. We form

close relationships with local Nigerian farmers to ensure that we are providing you with the

100% natural goodness and high quality products that we have become known to deliver. Enjoy!

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Cacao Beans/ Seeds

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