Ecophone Project Support Bond

Ecophone Project offers Open-source android devices extending the use of privacy friendly smartphones in the ecosystem. Hours of testings, study and craftsmanship flashing labor behind Ecophone link the user with a free-android developers community.
We have evolved from the first sencond-hand devices to brand new and refurbished phones, coming from stocks that have not been sold due to fast changing trends within the smartphone market. After having worked with several brands, we decided to focus on Nexus and Pixel series for its hardware characteristics that make them perfect for receiving custom ROMs, while maintaining good quality performance.

Every device embodies previous investment in the model itself and work put into its modification. Moreover, for every device you get our technical support and answers to any questions, in which way we create an Ecophone community that knows more and more about free-android apps, security suggestions, encrypted communications, and the like. Ecophone's community can also be a way to learn more about free-android, privacy and Open-source software.

In the next season we want to improve the Ecophone Project, linking it to the Fintech Cooperative Ecosystem (Ecofintech Coop), a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) for conscious fintech services. We have new plans for Ecophone, such as adding custom configurations for safe communications (xmpp client, encryption, VPN, wallets, hardening security configs, etc.). We will create a new website and add more products, such as Linux PCs, Raspberry Pi devices, tablets, and more.
Thus we want to offer local nodes, social movements and blockchain entusiasts professional tools for their mobile digital life.

Due to our participation in Faircoop ecosystem, we were affected by the Faircoin's price dump and the end of liquidity, and most of the faircoins received for payments were sold at cheap price for covering other urgent expenses and Ecophone Project was frozen, even failing in giving proper support to some clients.

With this support bond, we present a crowdfunding campaign in order to support the Ecophone Project relaunch. Participants will also be able to join the Ecophone Community for a collaborative development of the project within Ecofintech Coop's ecosystem.

You can buy a support bond for 330F that equals a Pixel XL 128GB with LineageOS 15.1 operating system.

The bond can be kept and will be redeemed for a Pixel XL at the moment when the market price reaches the official Faircoop price (1.2€) or at any moment when exchange is again available for Fairmarket merchants. By buying a Ecophone Support Bond you are supporting Ecophone's crowdfunding, for part of the received faircoins will be used for design and development services offered by other Faircoop and Komun merchants.

Thanks for your support!


Ecophone Project Support Bond

330,00 FAIR 330,00 FAIR 330.0

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