VPN / private server

CloudVault provides secure cloud hosting and FLOSS services for freedom-loving people.

Visit https://cloudvault.me for details and specifications of this offer.

Whether you simply want to secure your data with file storage that you control or your internet access with a VPN, want to run your own cloud services (Nextcloud or Sandstorm), a website or blog (WordPress), a group chat (Mattermost or Matrix/Riot), a social network node (Mastodon), or any other open-source & decentralised solution, CloudVault can meet your needs.

Your safety deposit box in the cloud:
We provide 2-factor authentication, so you're the only one to have the key – nobody but should be able to get into your server, not even us.

Enterprise-grade Security:
You also get a private VPN server, to access your data and services with end-to-end encryption, and also to browse the web securely and anonymously.

Total control:
Thanks to your own private server, stop putting your data at risk in public clouds (Google, Dropbox...). With total control over your machine and services, so you're the only one in charge.

We will set everything up. So you're ready to go without needing to be a Linux guru!

VPN / private server

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