Territorial networks modules

Here we want to expose what exactly we need of this territorial networks of FairMarket:

The idea is to have a intro page, take this as an easy example, where users can choose what territorial section of the FairMarket they want to enter, also, they can choose if they want to see the whole FairMarket.


  •     What is a territorial network?

Territorial network is a subsection of the whole FairMarket, that should be in the lenguage of the territory and have its own sections:

  1. Home with featured products and some info/news about the territorial network.
  2. Specific views of /shops and /partner to show only companies that are operating on that territorial section.
  3. Make relations with languages and territorial networks to show every territorial section with it's common territorial lenguage. Maybe we have to do it also relations with the territorial currency, once we implement the multi-currency system.
  4. Make territorial section as a closed website, with that I mean that once some user is in a territorial section of the Market the user is not going to go out of this territorial section if he is not looking exactly to do it.
  5. Forum modules is just for the whole market and if any territorial sections need them, it's not a big deal do it so. Same if we end up using blog modules for news and comunications of the markets. No actual worries on a implementation of that, is easy.




  •     How we do that?

People who is going to work developing this modules have the main voice here and should expose their own view. I've seen 2-3 options:

  1. - Separated instalations of odoo with several working independently one to one, but with a mother instalation that take info from all db that make possible the 'whole Fairmarket'.

There are several combinations of thinks like that, far to be easy.
I think that is the most dificult and expensive way to go, in terms of time and resources. It may have some advantages as it can be decentralization and separation, but I can see more problems than solutions at least in a short-medium term.

      2.- One instalation/one db with territorial networks/sections:

 That's a more easy solution, and if we don't find big arguments against it, I think is the way.

To do it so we just have to develop specific controllers and views for website_product_brand and website_crm_parnter. modules. Realistic and easy to implement.

One important think is to take care of language administration, that is, make relations between territories and lenguages, actually I don't have a proper opinion of what is the path to do that, I just don't know enought how it manage odoo the language system.



That is briefly what and how. As usual, discurssion is open, just remind that we need solutions according to the actual resources and the future needs we will have.

Pros and cons of any choice, strategical decisions for the future and resources available should be the main concern in the argue.





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Asked on 20/6/15 - 4:11 μ.μ.
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<p> </p> <p>Since some days ago the territorial module is fully functional making possible to research products and shops by territories, together with entities</p> <p>Important to notice!</p> <p>Next step perhaps could be </p> <p>- to make possible to browser all the parts of the web from a specific chosen territory (currently when you move, the site, lost the territory chosed before)</p> <p>- To create clean short links with an specific territory, for example market.fair.coop/greece, for all the greek search.</p> <p>Anyway perhaps this could be after other agreed priorities are developed.</p>

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Answered on 14/6/16 - 8:53 μ.μ.

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