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I would like to propose some different ideas how the fairmarket could become less market and more cooperative:

  1. making the market more orientated to the needs of the people:
  •  In the market there could be somthing like a ranking list about certain products, that people think it would be nice to find them on the FM and that they would buy it. The promoterteam of the local node could research in this direction for producer. Also groups could feel motivated to start projects in this direction and produce it.

                        It is like a big needlist of the people

  • It could look like an ideabox where costumer could write the missed product and arround which local node they are living. All people who agree with this or that products could also mark it. Other interested people could check the list and could annouce to make a project. Other members could join this project directly or costumer could even prepay in this product to help with the realizing.
  • This list could be for example also extendend by the ingredients which the producer of the FM need for theirs products. In this way we have a nice ways to close more the economic relation

    2. supporting producersrelation

  • Sharing capacities: producer could offer their maschines and workingspace to other people or groups which would like to produce in the same domain( food) to reduce the basic costs.

example: my father has a nice local company for producing fruitjuice. But the basic costs are very high and the    situation is at the moment not so extremly good, that it would help him a lot if other people would use the space and tools for other foodproduction. Also is it not so easy to get the permissionn and equipment for officiel      production. With this everybody would has a benefit.


  • When there is a product very popular and/or it doesnt make sense to transport it far, there should be the possibility for other  to copy the product with the recipes, maybe with also something like a ranking list.

example: We started to product ginger-icetea in thessaloniki and the people start to like it a lot. it would be nice to offer these  also in Athens. but instead of transport the product the long way to athens, we could invite people in athens to make it same. returning to the point before and see if there is a space and capacity to be producted there.
         We could install something like a jobcenter/projectplattform for these kind of oppurtunities.


laurent schmidt
laurent schmidt
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Asked on 4/4/17 - 11:58 π.μ.
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<p><strong>Update</strong>: there isn't a tag module but it may be that through a forum that was dedicated to tagging we could then extend a page so it could display a tag cloud? People could then just write posts and tag them with whatever needs or concepts they found most important. --ale</p> <p>------------</p> <p>Hi!</p> <p>Thank you very much for your input and ideas! Some of what you say is probably simple to set up by finding already made and free/open source (or if convenient, for-pay) odoo modules. And we can talk about it more in the telegram groups. I think we can extract a list of "favourite" products and create soem kind of input so people can list what they'd like to see. Are you on telegram and able to spare some time with us there, or would you like help getting in touch?</p> <p>But I think there is overlap with what you propose about spaces, with the fairbnb project which has a global network and a functioning group in athens around Fairspot.</p> <p>About jobs, tasks and work there is also OCP which is more of a project management and work organisation tool as part of freedom coop. The way I see it the recipes and processes needed, as well as actual orders needed to outside groups can be managed in OCP, and then sold as items in fairmarket using the collective orders. OCP already has a way of distributing the amount made by a group of people in producing something and making sure everyone gets what they put in.</p> <p>A side issue which might not be relevant where you are but might help, is that by trading in alternate currency you don't need to comply with full standards so sometimes can use kitchens that haven't been through a legal process to be for commercial use(here it would usually be an inspection to see if your kitchen fits the criteria). Here some places do get together to share a space like a legal kitchen for food production and this is something you could work on at a local node level initially.</p> <p>Chat soon,</p> <p>Ale</p>

Ale Fernandez
Ale Fernandez
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Answered on 5/4/17 - 2:59 μ.μ.

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