Limit and simplify menus

We've been simplifing an limiting rules and access to menus, we have to keep doing that:

We should make more easy the internal menu to create products and keep simplifying the system to make very easy and intuitive the tasks for shop owners at the same time that we improve their experience.


How we do that?

- The menu to create products, actually is very large, and we don't need all that:

In that menu we actually have 6 options:

An easy solution is to make all products with the internal category of Services:

Why? If we sell all products as 'services' (field Product type). Doing that we would be able to avoid the Warehouse Modules and all mainteinance tasks that this module need. (Remember that we have installed the Warehouse modules because it is an internal need of the Odoo multicompany enviroment, and try to avoid it's instalation it's not possible in short time and doesn't look like neither a good or an easy solution.

If at some point some users need and want to have an mainteain a Warehouse system for their shops we'll give specific solutions and access to them, but right now we're really think that most users don't gona need or want to do this tasks.

Fields to hide:

EAN13 Barcode

Internal Reference

We can hide all this menu, or maybe limit it? maybe some options could be ¿useful? Take a look and say what you think.

We can hide this menu and perfectly live without it as we're working without warehouse.

It's the esencial menu. Maybe we should limit the fields

Alternative Products

Accessory Products

to only show products comming from the same company:

Nothing to do.

More info needed of what's going on here.

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