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The form that is now used to register a shop is kind of 'poor' and at first I was not sure it was the right one, because it seemed more like I was sending a question or something. It looks more like a general communication form.

I propose to create a special form for registering new shops that will include several categories and will probably ask for some more details. For example a valid FairCoin address etc

Ask Mana
Ask Mana
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Asked on 19/3/16 - 3:32 μ.μ.
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<p>Hi,</p> <p>If you would like to contribute, please feel free to suggest fields we can use for this adapted form. As far as I can see, the form to request a shop should have the following fields:</p> <p><strong>Username</strong>  - the user who will manage the account. This would be automatically pre-populated on the form, as would some basic contact information.</p> <p><strong>Shop Email Address</strong></p> <p><strong>Shop Password</strong>: A shop password is verified via 2 factor authentication</p> <p><strong>GPG Key</strong>: a GPG key must be provided for each shop. This ensures secure authentication.</p> <p><strong>Shop Contact Details</strong> (these can use the user's by default, but would allow you to change them if your own details are separate)</p> <p><strong>Shop name</strong>:</p> <p><strong>Shop description</strong>: his text is your initial shop description which will be displayed next to the shop logo: or if you aren't sure yet, a short description of what you plan to do.</p> <p><strong>Type of activity</strong>: drop down to select if it's products or services.</p> <p><strong>Shop Logo</strong>: an image with your logo which will be displayed in your shop page.</p> <p><strong>FairCoin Address</strong>: a valid faircoin string. I'm not sure how we can verify if the address belongs to the intended wallet, except by the type of characters and their length. We could also have a certification process where a user did a first transaction to ensure it's the right address and works properly.  This could also be where we ask users to select if they want to pay a donation to the fairmarket, or a faircoop fund with every sale.</p> <p>A different question is,  the original contact form, which I hope can go back to being a generic contact form after these modifications, whereas this one will be a link from your user page, from a button or menu option like "request a shop".</p> <p>Thinking of how each shop's activity fits with faircoop and fairmarket principles and objectives, there should still be a democratic, manual process to certify that shops are compliant and giving them a clear process to re-apply or adapt their offer if it's not initially accepted.</p>

Ale Fernandez
Ale Fernandez
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Answered on 27/3/16 - 5:28 μ.μ.

Your last comment is the most crucial thing we should be able to figure out by the informations given in this 'shop registration form', in my opinion. So, a short description paragraph would be necessary (as you suggest), but that doesn't need to be displayed later, so the user will be free to write different one later on. Also, the 'shop logo' is not a necessity at that stage I think. The only thing I would add is a possible web page address of the merchant/shop/collective etc. for further 'investigation'! :-)

Ask Mana
στις 29/3/16 - 6:10 π.μ.

<p>Hi Ask Mana,</p> <p>thanks for your suggestion, really is poor. Now that everything is setup and running, we are working on several GUI improvements including the contact form, the "shops" and products pages, the regional market and some more. We will update some views the next week and we will work on the contact form too.</p> <p>Regards.</p> <p> </p>

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Answered on 27/3/16 - 1:57 μ.μ.

<p>I think that gpg can be suggestes but not a must. Mandatory gpg, would be a big problem for accessibility of lots of people who dont have idea about how to setup that</p> <p>Otherwise for me is important that the certification of shops is not done by admin alone, but openly by the community. In this sense we should make easier at the first form, and then boost the merchant review forum, for open discussion about merchants.</p>

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Answered on 2/4/16 - 2:08 π.μ.

Sure: opetional is fine and I don't know how hard it is to add 2 factor auth which is fine to be just optional until we actually hold any money in an account within fairmarket. If someone broke in to another account, they would want to replace the faircoin account number with one they control, so having a verification process for these addresses would help. Great to think how to make the certification of shops be more democratic, so good to have all products open to other sellers, and to have a "review section" where new stores can be seen by all. Online merchant review I think should also allow for local contact with shops at faircoop nodes, so that local groups can always recommend shops, or even join the group of people able to manage shops. This also helps for language reasons: eg: that a shop managed regionally can also speak the language they speak in that region.

Ale Fernandez
στις 4/4/16 - 10:13 π.μ.

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