Updates on FairMarket

Last changes introduced in the market


this is the first post in the FairMarket's blog, we will use this channel of information to report news on FairMarket and FairCoop, new features added to the market, updates in the FairCoin exchange rate, tutorials, news about the colaborative and solidarity economy, interesting evets, etc.

The last week the FairCoop assemblie updated the FairCOin exchange rate to 0.9 Euros by Faircoin. We remember to all the shops and projects participating in FairMarket that FairCoop changes if requested at this rate.

Let's see the updates applied the last days:

* We have installe this blog!
* Simplify the products form, hiding not needed fields.
* Now is posible have several shops with the same user.
* Filtered product attributess when creating products variants.
* New shop request form, avoid spam and is linked with the user requesting the shop.
* New field in the product form to import a image from a remote URL .
* Now is posible import products from a CSV file if you have your products already in a local database or in another whop online. You will need export the next fields:
Name, Image URL, Price in FairCoins, Description nn a CSV file and submit to the admins team. The y will import in FairMarket as "Not published", after you can verify the products and publish them if are ok.
* We have added a "Demands" section to request products wich are not avlaaible in FairMarket. To request a product, create a normal product and set the "Public Category" to "Demands", we suggest set the price to 0 also. Your product will be shown in the demands section but not in the normal shop.