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Celebrating world fair trade day

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Celebrating Fair Trade Day

Meet a shopkeeper!

With this Fair Trade Day blog post we are kickstarting a series of interviews and features on the people who inhabit Fairmarket and the things they make or provide. Do you have some wonderful news, interesting stories or suggestions, or would you just like to be featured here? If you manage a Fairmarket shop, please get in touch and we will be pleased to interview you next!

To begin with we interviewed Richard, from Worth Cooperating, the UK based organic food shop:

Fairmarket: Hi Richard, welcome to our first interview. Please tell us a bit about your shop in fairmarket.

Richard: Worth Cooperating is a workers co-operative located in the Worth Valley in Yorkshire. We sell organic, fairtrade and eco-friendly products. The cooperative currently is made up of four people. We predominantly sell products online but also sell from market stalls, festivals and events in the UK.

: So we heard you are actively participating in Fair Trade Day this 12th of May?

: The theme of this years World Fairtrade Day is “Live Fair, one product at a time”, and we have chosen to promote Palestinian Organic Olive Oil as an act of solidarity with Palestinian farmers cooperatives who continue to live under occupation and suffer violence and discrimination from the Israeli state. We will be selling Palestinian olive oil and soap made from the oil in our town and on Fairmarket. We will also take this opportunity to promote Fair Coop and Fair Coin as a way of creating economic resilience outside the control of the state and central banks for our local community. In addition to having a stall we will use the local newspaper and radio station to promote the Palestinian products and Fair Coop.

: That sounds amazing! It's great to get to the point where you can help others. Do you have any suggestions for anyone attempting to follow the path of selling ethically made organic foods that can make such a difference?

Richard: There is power in just doing stuff! Start small and learn by doing. Don’t see mistakes as failures but learning opportunities to improve Fair Coop. There are so many opportunities within Fair Coop to provide fair goods and services so that over time we can meet more of the needs of the communities we live in and provide a real alternative to the capitalist system.

FM: Our last question looks more at FairCoop itself: If you could change or improve anything about fairmarket or faircoop, what would you do and why?                                                                                                                                                                                      


Richard: Fair Coop appears to have grown organically. Currently it is like a garden in springtime with lush growth in many directions and it now requires skillful pruning and training to appreciate its beauty.

FairCoop is spread across multiple platforms. It would be much better experience for people new to Fair Coop if user guides were located on the platform they are using rather than in another platform.

: Thanks very much Richard and everyone at Worth Cooperating and Fairmondo, and we have added a task to use the old help area on the top left of the screen with our own tutorials area.