Fairmarket Spring Cleaning!

How to complete your shop in FairMarket

Isa G

FairMarket Spring Cleaning

 How to complete your shop in FairMarket

Dear Fairmarket shop managers,
We are currently revising the information in our shops, and have found the configuration of some shops is missing several fields, such as: 
  • contact email, 
  • address(adding just a country or city allows you to appear in the geographical listings), 
  • a faircoin address to allows you to be paid for your items, ( Faircoin addresses must be generated using a wallet. More information here:  https://fair-coin.org/en/wallets)
  • published products
  •  ...and a logo to improve your shop's visibility.
We can help you to edit these fields, to add items to your shop or with any other issues you might have with the market. We are trying to improve the contents and information so we would love to recieve suggestions from you about any other improvements we can make. 
Also we would like to remind you that the market is an open project and you are welcome to join in any aspect of our work or get in touch at any time.

Fairness, action and abundance!

Fairmarket Team