Closing the gap on reselling activity

Orders above 500 to be reviewed by FairMarket

Ale Fernandez

Orders above 500 to be reviewed by FairMarket

We are now returning to the way things have been during most of FairCoin's existence: FairCoin's market price on crypto currency exchanges like Bittrex is now a lot lower than the internal amount of 1.2 euros(here are some stats we've put together about it: For this reason, we'd like to inform you of a couple of things:
    1) We'd like to warn you against traders using FairMarket to buy things "cheaply" using the internal price, and then selling them again at the official price: if you see a lot of orders for your items please let us know and we can try to verify this transaction. At the moment we are going to try and block larger transactions until this verification can take place.

    2) FairCoop's liquidity is more than enough and we will continue backing all merchants that will eventually need to change back to official currencies for the foreseeable future.
Our first concern is with producers and merchants that collaborate in creating and strengthening a real economy around FairCoin. We realise We strategically aim to strengthening that bond with more products and services that will increase our self-sustainability and minimise the market's speculative effects.  Please contact us by emailing or by joining our support channel on telegram:

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