1:1 FairCoin Campaign is over

So is our discount offer


Dear FairMarket participants,

We are happy to share with you the news on the recent
growth of FairCoin's value to the official price of €1,20, following the expansion and increment of the FairCoop ecosystem. It is therefore time to close the 1:1 campaign. This action has also contributed significantly to this value growth. Your engagement made it possible.
This means that FairMarket will officially stop promoting the discount offer and highlight discounted products. But the mechanism that allows you to activate it will still be there as an option for you to enable or disable any time in case you think it is appropriate for your products or services promotion.
We welcome your participation in FairMarket and your interest in building fair and sustainable ways of trading.
Another world is possible and we are shaping it together!
May we all have a Happy, Fair and prosperous 2018!